10x8", Wood-leather Box, Blue/ombre

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Elevate your storage experience with this stunning 10x8" Wood-Leather Box in captivating Blue/Ombre! Crafted with a fusion of premium leather, durable MDF, and sleek aluminum accents, this exquisite box exudes elegance and sophistication. Perfect for storing cherished keepsakes, documents, or adding a touch of refined style to any space. Its rich blend of materials creates a unique texture and visual appeal, making it a statement piece that stands out. Elevate your storage experience with this beautifully crafted Wood-Leather Box, blending functionality with unparalleled aesthetic charm.


Each Length: 10
Each Width: 8
Each Height: 6
Each Weight: 3.68


MATERIAL1: Leather. MATERIAL2: Mdf. MATERIAL3: Aluminum. COLOR: Blue
Assembly Required


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